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Magical Secrets

I visited Crown Point Press in San Francisco last June and got to watch a Printmaking workshop in progress. I also had the priveiledge of being shown a portfolio of etchings by Richard Diebenkorn, an exhibit of contemporary Printmakers and I spent some time looking at the large collection of books and pamphlets available at their store. I want to share with you their interesting web site, part of which consists of a mini lecture on various topics including art and printmaking, The 3-minute Egg and practical suggestions about thinking creatively. Todays’ talk, “The Edge of Chaos; a Political Egg.” is not related to art, but is a political entreaty by a right-brained thinker. This was my introduction to Kathan Brown, who appears in all the videos, usually with prints behind her. I look forward to seeing the other talks she has given.


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Working out the Kinks

Milton Avery

I’ve been practicing uploading photos to The Still Life Alliance so I will be ready when the still lifes come rolling in. I’ve also been perusing other blogs and looking for artists to highlight. I haven’t stared drawing yet.

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Our collage exhibit (yet unnamed) is about a month away. I’m in pretty good shape, and am starting to frame the pieces. The hardest part is not starting new work when I have ideas. I have some jewel cases laid out to complete, as they were the impetus for this whole thing. I also would like to work on some large paintings based on some of the collages–tightening some, loosening others–but I can’t think about that now. Coincidently, collages will be featured in the 2008-09 Multidisciplinary Initiative at Penn State. There will be lectures and exhibits on The Culture of Collage right before our show, which hopefully will peak peoples’ interest. Here is a sampling:

Lecture: The Culture of Collage- A Moments of Change Event
Posted by: Institute for the Arts & Humanities
Location: Palmer Lipcon Auditorium, Palmer Museum of Art
LectureGlue, Paper, Scissors: Picasso as Bricoleur in

Exhibition: The Culture of Collage – A Moments of Change Event
Posted by: Institute for the Arts & Humanities
Location: Zoller Gallery
September 29 – October 24Exhibition: The Culture of CollagePerhaps no art form expresses the character of the
twentieth century with greater clarity and
immediacy than collage. Collage is a mode of
perception, a multi-dimensional language with
aesthetic implications that span the histories of
art, architecture, literature, and music. In the
visual arts, collage first emerged in the early 20th
century as a fine art medium in the “pasted
papers” of Cubists Georges Braque and Pablo
Picasso. Collage allows the artist to explore
simultaneously the spaces between high art and
popular culture, text and image, figuration and
abstraction, past and present, as well as two- and
three-dimensional space. Curated by New York
gallerist Pavel Zoubok, this exhibition includes an
historical overview of the collage form as well as
a look at contemporary collage practice.Co-sponsored by the School of Visual Arts John M.
Anderson Endowment and the Pavel Zoubok Gallery (New

Of course, there is the Still Life Project, which I will start on this weekend.

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Last night Steve and I attending the first salon in the spirit of the 19th century and part of the Institute of the Arts and the Humanities “Moments of Change.” A lecture on Salons and Modernity was followed by a performance of music by the french composer Pauline Viardot for piano and violin. The violinists stood before a lovely watercolor, under soft lights; It was a welcome respite from the talking heads on TV which I have been subjecting myself to.

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